Most people dealing with hypertension and high blood pressure don’t have to take medication to manage their condition. There are natural ways to reduce high blood pressure and don’t require much investment in time, money and effort. Chakra meditation is one of the best ways to reduce blood pressure naturally. If you are just starting out, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help you along with the process.

It is worth noting that you should speak to your doctor before you stop taking any prescribed medication. You should also be very cautious about disregarding doctor advice especially for serious or chronic illnesses.

Learn Your Chakras

Chakras are basically portals or passages for energy and are located throughout your body. There are seven major chakras in total each affecting various aspects of your mind, body and spirit. The first step is to learn your chakras and to be familiar with what each one does. Fortunately, a guided chakra meditation should help you through the process. It is not complicated once you get the basics down.

Make Time to Meditate

Meditation isn’t a quick fix that you perform once and you are healed. In fact, meditation can be frustrating and difficult for the first few times. The mind is a wild beast and it takes consistent practice to tame your thoughts and relax enough for the meditation to be effective. Set up a specific time and place every day for your meditation. It doesn’t matter that you have a busy schedule. Only a few minutes of mindful meditation every day can have a tremendous impact on your blood pressure and overall wellness and peace of mind.

Practice Consistency and Patience

You should have proper expectations if you are wondering how to reduce blood pressure quickly. Meditation is effective but there is no telling how long it will take you to see a significant difference. How quickly people see results largely depend on the state of their chakras. Some may see immediate results while others may wait months before noting a significant difference. Chakra meditation is a life-long commitment that you should continue to practice long after you have achieved the desired results. You still need to maintain good chakra alignment after the initial practice.

Stay Focused on the Course

Chakra meditation is effective and the results are felt far beyond your blood pressure. You will seem more optimistic, relaxed and generally have a good disposition towards life. This meditation is not a novelty to lord over your family and friends. Meditation also doesn’t make you any better than others so stay true to yourself and avoid bragging and boasting.

Chakra meditation is one of the best ways to reduce your blood pressure naturally. You may want to keep the practice to yourself at least in the initial stages. Most people don’t understand meditation so you risk getting discouraged and even ridiculed for your practice.

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